Emerald Cybersecurity offers a HIPAA Compliance and Risk Management solution that is appropriate for practices of all sizes. 

Emerald's Software-as-a-Service and additional consulting enables practices to perform a HIPAA risk assessment in an affordable and timely manner. 

Emerald addresses the entirety of HIPAA by assessing the practices Compliance Program, Privacy Controls, Security Controls, and completing a thorough assessment of IT assets (broken down by hardware, software, business associates, medical records, and facilities). Mitigation plans are then developed and reports are generated.

Emerald’s solution leaves your practice covered for the Meaningful Use requirement of completing a security risk assessment as well as the HHS requirement of conducting a HIPAA risk assessment annually. 

Why should you use Emerald instead of the HealthIT.gov tool? 
The tool offered by HealthIT.gov is out-dated, non-compliant and for informational purposes only. 
This tool attempts to covers a portion of HIPAA as it addresses the security risk assessment, but does not address the overall compliance program, privacy controls, or IT assets. 

Use of this tool leaves your practice at risk of receiving significant fines or penalties if audited or following a breach. 

Have practices using Emerald passed audits? 
Yes, in the event of an audit practices with Emerald’s Solution have passed with no issue. OCR stresses the importance of conducting a comprehensive risk assessment and implementing a risk management program. This has been shown by the excessive fines given to practices that have failed to demonstrate this. By working with Emerald, your practice will have an impressive stance on this topic and can feel confident going into an audit or an investigation following a breach.